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Early Music Ensemble

Contra belluM

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Early Music Ensemble

Contra belluM

Charming peace in a home does live
When husband accompanies and wife sings”

words by Krzysztof Ossolinski, ballroom of castle Krzyztopor, Poland, XVIIth century

(translated by Michal Wycislik)

Early music ensemble Contra belluM was founded in 1999.

The members are:

Justyna Wycislik:
soprano, declamations, percussion

Michal Wycislik:
lute, kobza, gallichon, baritone, Sarmatian chat.

Ilona Bloch:
basetl (rare bass violin from the early XVIIth century), cello, viola da gamba soprano.

The band is aimed at revival of musical culture of early Poland.

They frequently perform in Palaces, Manors, Castles, Monasteries, Churches and other relics of ancient architecture.

Contra belluM reconstructs and retrieves customs from ancient Poland, especially The Noble Republic of Poland period (XVIIth – XVIIIth century).

They prefer to go back to the tumultuous times, described, for instance, in the well known „Trilogy” by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

The band improve it's art under the direction of world famous Polish musicians as Anna Mikolajczyk (soprano), Cezary Szyfman (baritone), Jerzy Zak (lutenist), Tadeusz Czechak (lutenist), Krystyna Pronko (singer), Marek Napiorkowski (guitarist). Studies with one of the world's leading lute players, professor Hopkinson Smiths, was turning-point in the band's career and in its sound.

Contra belluM has the pleasure to perform and to cooperate with such a well known institutions as:

WAWEL King's Castel Museum in Cracow

National Museum in Cracow

Polish Television TVP-2 "Pytanie na sniadanie"

Museum of Basin in Bedzin

District Museum in Tarnow

Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola

Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko

Polish Institute in Sofia

Museum of Mikolaj Rej in Naglowice

Museum of A.S. Puszkin in Brodzany Casle (Slovakia)

Town Museum of Pabianice

Museum of Mazovian Gentry in Ciechanow

    Historical Museum in Dukla

    Monastery on Holy Cross

    many others centers of cultures, foundations, museums, etc in the area of entire country

    The band Contra belluM gave over 250 concerts.

- early Polish music (XVIth, XVIIth, XVIIIth)
- early Polish love songs
- early Polish patriotic and religious songs
- lute music
- Polish dances
- songs & dances from other european countries (XVIth, XVIIth, XVIIIth)
- Cossacks songs (duma)
- stylized modern songs and lute pieces

- lute, mandora (gallichon)
- cobuz, bandura, romantic guitar
- cello, viola da gamba (soprano)
- percussion

Musica Sarmatica”,
released on: 11 September 2011.
An English description and pieces to listen:
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Contact information:

management & art director: Michal Wycislik

Tel. +48 32 206 32 73, mobile 603 92 14 14


Tradition, culture & history: Memory & Identity

Polish Constitution of May 3, 1791

Early Polish Customes

Performing in the relics of ancient architecture

Early Music

The ensemble gives concerts

around the contry and abroad

Sarmatian (old-Polish) climates


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